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MNS low voltage withdrawable switch cabinet

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MNS low voltage withdrawable switch cabinet

Low Pressure Switch Cabinet, Switch Cabinet Series 2018年11月28日 303

This device is a combination low-voltage switchgear with standard module factory assembly (FBA),(hereinafter referred to as simple device), this device is suitable for AC 50-60Hz, rated working voltage 66OV and below the electric system, used for power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and power consumption equipment control.

The cabinet is in line with the EC439VDE660 part 5 and GB7251.1-1997 “low voltage complete switch without preparation) national standards, professional standards.

Use environment
1, the ambient temperature is not higher than +40℃, not less than -5℃, and the average temperature within 24h is not higher than +35℃.

2, atmospheric conditions clean air, the relative temperature of +40℃ is not more than 50%. In the lower temperature allowed to have a higher relative humidity, such as +20℃ is 90%, but should take into account the temperature change, may occasionally produce moderate condensation.

3. The altitude does not exceed 2000m.

4, The device is suitable for the following temperature transport and storage process :-25℃ to

In the range of +55℃, it can reach +70℃ for a short period of time (no more than 24h). The device should not suffer any irreversible damage under these extreme temperatures and should be able to work normally under normal conditions.

5. If the above conditions of use cannot be met, it shall be settled through negotiation between the user and the manufacturer.

6. When this device is used on offshore oil drilling platform and nuclear power plant, it shall be separately

Sign technical agreement.

Basic parameters

Electrical properties

1. Rated insulation voltage: 660v

2. Rated working voltage: 380V ,660V

3. Maximum working current of main bus: 5500A

4. Short time (IS) resistance of main bus to current : 100kA(effective value)

5. Short-time peak current of main bus: 250kA

6. Maximum current of distribution bus (vertical bus):1000A

7. Short-time peak current of distribution bus (vertical bus)
standard 90kA(maximum)
enhanced 130kA(maximum)
Enclosure protection class IP30, IP40, IP54
In line with IEC529, DIN40050 standards
IP30 for solid protection greater than 2.5mm
IP40 for solid protection greater than 1.0mm
IP54 for dust and arbitrary direction spray test protection
(IP54 protection grade should be negotiated with the manufacturer)”

Drawer type
MCC (Motor Control Center) drawers are divided into the following five categories
8E/4: Height 200 x width 150 x depth 400mm
8E/2: Height 200 x width 150 x depth 400 mm
8E Height 200 x width 600 x deep 400mm
16E: Height 400 x width 600x deep 400mm
24E: Height 600 x width 600 x depth 400mm”

Ordering instructions
Users shall provide the following information:
1. Single line system diagram of main circuit scheme
2. Schematic diagram or wiring diagram
3. Detailed specifications and quantity of each cabinet of electrical equipment, and fill in the order form.
4. switch cabinet arrangement and combination drawing, layout drawing.”