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KYN28A-12(GZS1) Indoor metal armored withdrawable switchgear

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KYN28A-12(GZS1) Indoor metal armored withdrawable switchgear

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KYN28A-12 (GZSI) type indoor metal armored withdrawable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear). It is a complete set of power distribution equipment for 3~10kV three-phase AC 50Hz single bus and single bus section system. Mainly used in power plants, small and medium-sized generators, power distribution in industrial and mining enterprises, and secondary substations of electrical systems, such as power reception, power transmission, and large-scale high-voltage motor starting. For the purpose of control, protection and monitoring, this switchgear meets the requirements of GB3906, DL404, IEC298 and other standards. It has the interlock function to prevent the load-carrying push-pull circuit breaker trolley, prevent the circuit breaker from being switched on and off by mistake, prevent the circuit breaker from being switched on when the grounding switch is in the closed position, from entering the live compartment by mistake, and to prevent the grounding switch from being switched on by mistake when it is live. It can be equipped with VSI vacuum circuit breaker and ABB’s VD4 vacuum circuit breaker. It is a power distribution device with superior performance.

 Use environment
1. Use in normal environment
a. The upper limit of ambient air temperature +40℃
Lower limit -15℃
b. Altitude: Below 1000m
c. Relative ambient temperature: daily average not more than 95%, monthly average not more than 90%. d. Earthquake: The intensity does not exceed 8 degrees.
e. The surrounding air should not be significantly polluted by corrosive or combustible gas, water vapor, etc.
F. No serious pollution and frequent severe vibration.
2. Special working conditions:
When used under normal environmental conditions beyond the specified, it is negotiated by the user and the manufacturer.”

The main technology
Rated voltage (KV): 3/6/10

Maximum operating voltage (KV): 3.6/7.2/ 12 / 12

Power frequency withstand voltage (KV) 42(1 min)

Shock withstand voltage (KV)75Hz

Rated frequency50Hz

Rated current (A)630-3150

Rated thermal stable current (KA4S)*16-50

Rated dynamic stable current (Ka)*40-125

Rated voltage of switch and auxiliary circuit (V)

DC 24,30,48,
AC 110、220

Protection grade

IP4X (shell)
IP2X(Circuit breaker door open)

The short-term thermal stability current and dynamic stability current of the current transformer are related to the change, and should be confirmed when ordering.