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Cable armoring plastic steel composite belt

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Cable armoring plastic steel composite belt

Steel Plastic Compostie Belt 2021年6月1日 150

Laminated Copolymer Coated Steel Strip For Cables


S. No. Item Unit Values
1 appearane Straight,smooth,plain
2 size length m 1000~5000
width mm 12~1100
3 thickness steel base mm 0.200±0.015
film side A mm 0.058±0.013
side B
tape mm 0.310±0.015
5 Technique Hot Rolled
6 Surface Treatment Chroming
7 tensile strength of tape mpa 310~390
8 elongation at break % 20~35
9 bond strength between steel tape and coating side A N/cm ≥6.13
side B
10 bond strength of heat seal of tape N/cm ≥17.5
11 cutting strength of heat seal of tape before breakdown happens
to coated steel tape or damage
 happens between film and steel,
damage never happen to
the heat seal area.
12 bond strength of tape after putting side A N/cm ≥6.13
into water, 68±1 centigrade,168h side B
13 jelly resistance, 68±1 umbrella no buld, no separation
centigrade, 168h brand
14 dielectric strength, DC 2KV, 1 min without breakdown
15 corrosion resistance, 0.1 mol/L, HCL, 480h grade 8

More information for Copolymer coated steel tape

1. Propertities:

EGE copolymer coated steel tape consists of a steel tape coated on both sides with an adherent ethylene copolymer.

The copolymer exhibits excellent adhesion to the steel substrate and has the chemical resistance and generalcharacteristics of lower density polyethylene, it bonds to low, linear low, medium and high density polyethylene.

The steel is low carbon, electronic chrome-coated steel tempered to T-2 condition for excellent formability and fabrication characteristics.

The coating line, specialized in film coating.

The slitting line, desined for slitting of narrow and thin coils in soft conditions, ensures:

l No sticky windings and no staining;

l Less manipulation after sltting, less risk for damage and contamination;

l Uniform tension throughout the whole cil via most accurate control systems;

l Consistent slit edge quality due to accurate tooling: very low burr and edge deformation results in stable behaviour during the process.

3. Packing conditions:

Packing details:

l Normallyfor aluminium strip, 2022MT can be loaded into 20 foot container,we suggest to use 20 foot container, the sea freight rate is much

cheaper than 40 foot container.

l the packing is very strong, which has 3 lays, thick fiber, foam, plastic,enough drying agent, suitable for long distance sea transportation.

l We use wooden pallet and steel pallet according to customer request;

l Wooden boxes will be used in the outside packing.

l We have fixing in the container to avoid any damage during the transportation.