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Steel Plastic Compostie Belt

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Stainless Steel Strip

Stainless Steel Strip

Steel Plastic Compostie Belt 2021年12月8日 190

The properties of stainless steel are corrosion resistance, high ductility, attractive appearance and low maintenance. Stainless steel contains chromium which provides the properties of corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Stainless steel can withstand corrosive or chemical environments due to its smooth surface. Stainless steel products are safe for long-term use with excellent resistance of corrosion fatigue. Chemical Composition Steel Grade 304 Steel Grade C%: 0.08%…

Cable Shielding Steel Copolymer Lamination Belt

Cable Shielding Steel Copolymer L

Product, Steel Plastic Compostie Belt, Steel-aluminum-plastic Composite Belt Series 2021年8月26日 145

1. Plastic coated steel tape properties: EGE plastic coated steel tape consists of a steel tape coated on both sides with an adherent ethylene copolymer. The copolymer exhibits excellent adhesion to the steel substrate and has the chemical resistance and general characteristics of lower density polyethylene, it bonds to low, linear low, medium and high density polyethylene. The steel is low carbon, electronic chrome-coated steel tempered to T-2 condition for excellent formab…

Cable armoring plastic steel composite belt

Cable armoring plastic steel composit

Steel Plastic Compostie Belt 2021年6月1日 242

Laminated Copolymer Coated Steel Strip For Cables   S. No. Item Unit Values 1 appearane — Straight,smooth,plain 2 size length m 1000~5000 width mm 12~1100 3 thickness steel base mm 0.200±0.015 0.155±0.010 0.120±0.010 film side A mm 0.058±0.013 side B tape mm 0.310±0.015 0.260±0.015 0.22±0.015 4 Standard AISI,ASTM,GB,JIS 5 Technique Hot Rolled 6 Surface Treatment Chroming 7 tensile strength of tape mpa 310~390 8 elongation at brea…

Steel-Plastic Compostie Tape

Steel-Plastic Compostie Tape

Steel Plastic Compostie Belt 2021年4月19日 374

The steel-plastic composite belt is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel belt, and the composite film is made of EMAA material with excellent heat sealability. The surface of the composite belt is smooth and flat, without wrinkles, no oxidation spots, andThe volume is neat. The film is blue or natural. It is suitable for the manufacture of steel-plastic composite tapes for the shielding, moisture-proof and armoring layers of communication cables and optical cables. …