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Stainless Steel Composite Tape

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Stainless Steel Composite Tape

Stainless Steel Composite Blet, Steel-aluminum-plastic Composite Belt Series 2018年11月28日 324

Product features of stainless steel belt: (within half the wire) high precision, fine and smooth surface, no peeling, roll marks and other phenomena. The roll material is spread out in a straight state to ensure straightness (usually 3 meters 1MM), and there will be no “chain knife bend” phenomenon. Bending, mechanical properties, fatigue resistance, elastic blade properties, smooth edges after trimming on both sides. The surface is fine and smooth, without chromatic aberration or scratches. Can be used for exterior decoration.

Telecommunications materials. It provides shielding, moisture-proof, chemical and armor protection layers for communication optical cables, communication cables, power cables, coaxial cables, and submarine optical cables.


Stainless Steel base belt thickness Film thickness (one side) Thickness of single-sided steel-plastic composite tape Thickness of double-sided steel-plastic composite tape
0.12 ± 0.012mm 0.058 ± 0.013mm 0.16mm 0.24mm
0.150 ± 0.015mm 0.058 ± 0.013mm 0.21mm 0.27mm
0.20 ± 0.020mm 0.058 ± 0.013mm 0.26mm 0.32mm
0.25 ± 0.020mm 0.058 ± 0.013mm 0.31mm 0.37mm
Product thickness can be customized according to customer standards


The product is a single-sided and double-sided stainless steel-plastic composite tape coated with copolymers, and the color is natural.

The copolymer has good bonding properties to the steel strip substrate, and forms a strong bond with the low-density, linear density, medium-density, high-density polyethylene and halogen-free polyolefin (HFP.) sheath resin to form ” “Comprehensive protective layer” provides a reliable moisture barrier, armor, shielding and chemical protection layer for the cable core to prevent rodents from being injured and prolong its service life.

The steel-plastic composite tape acts as an armour to the cable core, provides mechanical protection, resists external forces, prevents damage by rodents, and prolongs the service life of the optical cable.

The steel base belt is made of 304 stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance, anti-extrusion, anti-distortion and easy processing properties.

Item Index Unit Test condition
tensile strength 460-750 Mpa YD/T723-2007
Elongation ≥40 % YD/T723-2007
Peel strength ≥400 N/m YD/T723-2007
Heat sealing strength ≥1750 N/m YD/T723-2007
Shear strength The steel strip is broken and the heat sealing zone is not damaged YD/T723-2007
Moisture resistance⑴ No Reduce YD/T723-2007
(1) Aging in water at Fahrenheit (68°C) for 7 days, the requirement is that the original peel strength will not decrease.


1. Width: 10-500mm
2. Standard length: 2000m
3. The inner diameter of the iron tube core: 152mm, 203mm, 305mm, 406mm
4. Other lengths, widths and tube core inner diameters can also be provided according to user requirements.