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Copper Plastic Composite Belt

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Copper Plastic Composite Belt

Copper Plastic Composite Belt, Steel-aluminum-plastic Composite Belt Series 2018年11月28日 142

It is composed of copper foil, polyester film, and adhesive. Copper-plastic composite tape is also called copper foil Mylar. This product is mainly used in cables with higher shielding performance requirements, such as computer cables, signal cables, communication cables, coaxial cables and other special cables with higher shielding performance requirements. The polyester film serves to strengthen the tensile strength of the copper foil.


Copper base belt thickness Film thickness (one side) Thickness of single-sided steel-plastic composite tape Thickness of double-sided steel-plastic composite tape
0.10 ± 0.010mm 0.058 ± 0.013mm 0.16mm 0.22mm
0.150 ± 0.015mm 0.058 ± 0.013mm 0.21mm 0.27mm
0.20 ± 0.020mm 0.058 ± 0.013mm 0.26mm 0.32mm
Product thickness can be customized according to customer standards


The product is a single-sided and double-sided copper-plastic composite tape coated with copolymers, and the color is natural.

The copolymer has good bonding properties to the copper tape substrate, and forms a strong bond with the low-density, linear density, medium-density, high-density polyethylene and halogen-free polyolefin smoke (HFPO) sheath resins, forming a “comprehensive” “Sheath” provides a reliable shielding, moisture barrier and chemical protection layer for the cable core.

The raw materials of the copper strip are selected according to the customer’s requirements for the mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of the composite strip.

Item Index Unit Test condition
tensile strength ≥500 N/m YD/T723-2007
Heat sealing strength ≥1750 N/m YD/T723-2007
Shear strength The copper strip is broken, and the heat bonding zone is not damaged  YD/T723-2007
Moisture resistance No Reduce YD/T723-2007
Conductivity ≥90 %IACS YD/T723-2007


1. Width: 11-600mm

2.Standard length: the shortest 1000m, the longest 4100m

3.The inner diameter of the iron tube core: 152mm, 203mm, 406mm

4.Other lengths, widths and tube core inner diameters can also be provided according to user requirements.