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Cable Shielding Steel Copolymer Lamination Belt

Cable Shielding Steel Copolymer L

1. Plastic coated steel tape properties: EGE plastic coated steel tape consists of a steel tape coated on both sides wi…

Aluminum composite tape foil Mylar tape, cable shielding aluminum foil

Aluminum composite tape foil Mylar t

The aluminum composite tape consists of an ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer (EAA) laminated on one or both sides of alum…

Cable armoring plastic steel composite belt

Cable armoring plastic steel composit

Laminated Copolymer Coated Steel Strip For Cables   S. No. Item Unit Values 1 appearane — Straight,smoo…

Aluminum Plastic Composite Tape

Aluminum Plastic Composite Tape

The aluminum-plastic composite tape is composed of an aluminum tape and an ethylene copolymer attached to both sides …

Steel-Plastic Compostie Tape

Steel-Plastic Compostie Tape

The steel-plastic composite belt is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel belt, and the composite film is made of EM…

Copper Plastic Composite Belt

Copper Plastic Composite Belt

It is composed of copper foil, polyester film, and adhesive. Copper-plastic composite tape is also called copper foil M…