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Cable Shielding Steel Copolymer Lamination Belt

Cable Shielding Steel Copolymer L

1. Plastic coated steel tape properties: EGE plastic coated steel tape consists of a steel tape coated on both sides wi…

Aluminum composite tape foil Mylar tape, cable shielding aluminum foil

Aluminum composite tape foil Mylar t

The aluminum composite tape consists of an ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer (EAA) laminated on one or both sides of alum…

Cable armoring plastic steel composite belt

Cable armoring plastic steel composit

Laminated Copolymer Coated Steel Strip For Cables   S. No. Item Unit Values 1 appearane — Straight,smoo…

Flame-retardant Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Cable Tray

Flame-retardant Fibreglass Reinforc

Flame-retardant fibreglass reinforced plastic cable support system is a new-type product developed by this factory on …

Tubular Busbar For 110KV distribution Devices

Tubular Busbar For 110KV distribu

Tubular busbar has a high mechanical strength, and the skin will be small, it is conducive to improve the starting vol…

Aluminium Alloy Cable Tray

Aluminium Alloy Cable Tray

The aluminium alloy anti-corrosion cable support system is featured by simple structure, movel style, great loading ca…