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What is the composition of the difference between copper tape and copper-plastic composite tape


What is the composition of the difference between copper tape and copper-plastic composite tape

News 2021年5月7日 155

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the concept of consumption is also changing, people not only require radiators with heating function, but also require a certain degree of decorative, to make people pleasing to the eye. The appearance of copper-aluminum composite radiator is overwhelmingly based on powder spraying, the past radiator products in a single tone, poor decorative, easy to drop powder, and corrosion resistance can not meet people’s requirements, the use of a few years after the surface will be rusty, miserable. Now some manufacturers began to spray treatment, with the process of spraying powder on the surface of the radiator, now almost covering the entire radiator manufacturing industry, compared with the spray paint, powder coating fullness is much better, corrosion resistance has also been greatly improved. However, people’s pursuit of quality of life is endless, and nowadays, consumers have higher expectations for the heater’s

Appearance and quality put forward higher requirements, especially for the copper and aluminum composite radiator steel-plastic composite belt more attention.

Firstly, the thickness of copper foil of copper-plastic composite strip is thinner than that of copper strip, so it increases the strength in the plastic layer and is easy to process, which can reduce the cost.

Secondly, the plastic layer melts up under the heat and hinders the gap, which can play the role of waterproof.

However, due to the influence of plastic, a closed shielding structure cannot be formed and there are differences in the shielding effect. Different materials are selected according to the different applications of the cable.

Different forms of shielding are used according to different occasions. Copper-plastic composite tape also aims to improve the flow rate and ensure that the cable has a certain level of water resistance. I personally think the latter may be more important. In general, this structure is mainly in the form of longitudinal packing, so that both of these effects can be obtained.

For making only shielded structures (mainly referring to the shape of the package), copper-plastic composite tape cannot be used. Firstly, the copper-steel-plastic composite tape part of this tape is very small, which affects the transmission of short-circuit current in the cable. Secondly, since the tape has a plastic film, when the sheath is squeezed, the film tends to adhere to the sheath and the direction of current transmission in the copper tape changes. But if the user does not require it, the use of such a tape is a good thing for the manufacturer to save costs!!!

The current new fiber optic cable storage equipment field, special storage box steel-plastic composite strip, the main body of the ring shell by the left semicircular plate and right semicircular plate, placed at the upper end of the main body of the ring shell, can prevent the composite strip from being used in the storage or transportation process, today provides steel-plastic composite reinforced winding strip, steel-plastic composite reinforced winding strip, including winding steel-plastic strip and plastic composite strip formed by the strip body, the strip includes a plastic outer steel layer and inner base layer.

Nowadays proposed steel and steel-plastic composite strip, can ensure the firm positioning of the steel-plastic strip and improve the rigidity of the winding strip body, so the steel-plastic composite strip of drainage pipe, the structure of the strip consists of a flat plastic strip and reinforcing ribs, reinforcing ribs extend vertically from the surface of the flat strip and folded in one piece with the flat strip, reinforcing ribs consist of reinforcing steel-plastic strip folded at both ends, the pipe structure is formed by the uniform wall thickness of the plastic pipe with the main body of the pipe and coiled around the outer wall of the pipe, material steel-plastic composite strip and the drainage pipe made of steel and plastic from them.

Its steel-plastic composite belt automatic plastic belt, including automatic weaving machine is provided with a plurality of threading modules arranged in that direction frame and adjacent threading modules with gaps between them, automatic weaving machine is also provided with a plurality of thrust belts, and push the belt members, can be moved along through the direction of warp from the belt module, forward and backward, automatic loom is located on the downstream side of the tread of the belt module, a plurality of upper belt members with warp, upper belt members are at least moveable up and down.