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What effect does the steel-plastic composite tape have on the product


What effect does the steel-plastic composite tape have on the product

News 2021年4月20日 55

The effect of the length of the test caliper on the mechanical properties of the steel-plastic composite tape was investigated through tensile tests performed on the steel-plastic composite tape. When the length of the tester was increased to a certain length, the tensile strength of the length of the tester steel-plastic composite tape had almost no effect, and the strength of the resistive steel-plastic composite tape was linearly and positively correlated with the length of the test caliper due to the anti-slip properties of the grain boundaries and the process hardening phenomenon.

Now the application to the steel-plastic composite tape, which will be tightly wound together, the steel-plastic composite tape includes the upper wall, the left wall and the right wall, the interior is the strip profile of the hollow chamber, the cavity has at least vertical vertical reinforcement, the reinforcement is steel-plastic tape, distributed along the profile of the strip, the upper and lower ends of the strip are embedded in the upper and lower walls, now provides a vertical ribbed hollow square with the steel-plastic composite tape, thus improving the practical application of the steel-plastic composite tape.

In addition it can also improve the service life and quality of the product steel-plastic composite strip, easy to transport, the cavity of the strip plastic wall and the cavity of the lap edge is set on the discharge plate, the main channel connecting the injection port of molten plastic and the cavity of the strip plastic wall and cavity return gasket, steel-plastic strip guide hole through the main channel auxiliary flow channel is set on both sides of the main channel, and molten injection port and side cavity connected superimposed, pressure flow adjustment device includes flow limiting member and guide adjustment mechanism, and can make the flow limiting member along the lateral movement and positioning of the flow channel, the mainstream today to ensure an adequate supply of products.

The current composite mold steel-plastic composite strip, including the guide hole of the steel-plastic strip set transversely, the plastic wall cavity of the strip and the return edge cavity set on the discharge plate, the new type ensures that the product is fed with sufficient structural integrity and can adjust the plastic flow and pressure in the flow channel according to different types of products, therefore ensuring the quality of the product application.