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Steel-plastic composite tape how to prevent deformation of the in-mold composite method


Steel-plastic composite tape how to prevent deformation of the in-mold composite method

News 2021年5月7日 91

Nowadays, in the avoidance of deformation of steel and plastic composite type strip inhibition equipment and composite type strip manufacturing industry, with steel and plastic strip chemical substances to produce deformation, avoid the inclusion of support points bar within the broken hole equipment, motor fixed immovable installed in the upper end of the motor base, motor arc widening, avoid deformation of forming inhibition equipment steel and plastic pipe composite type strip to enhance the reliability when inhibition, so that the surface of the inhibition goods smooth, work high efficiency.

For steel and plastic solenoid coils, strip solenoid coils for steel and plastic hollow wall type vertical rib steel-plastic composite type strip, composite steel and plastic coiled together, the edges meet.

In order to produce the manufacture of adhesive screen printing machine steel-plastic pipe composite tape, steel-plastic pipe composite tape manufacturing, machinery and equipment adhesive screen printing machine composite tape and plastic contains the housing, the control board fixed immovably installed in the front of the housing, the use of the board fixed immovably installed in the front of the housing, the use of the board is immediately located directly below the control board, the motor fixed immovably installed in the upper end of the use of the board.

In which, the rear surface of the frame is connected to each other by the fixed immovable method in 2 vertical orientations, and the fixed immovable block of the steel-plastic pipe composite type belt column of the rear surface of the mutually connected doo frame is manufactured according to the sizing of the mechanical equipment binder for the steel composite type belt, and the relative path of the moving of the sizing head is enhanced, and the sizing head of the area and the steel belt can carry out the sizing by the single role of the inverted belt, and the productivity of the reasonable steel-plastic pipe composite type belt is enhanced

From the performance index consideration, some plastic plates need to be made into a double-layer composite type of way. Such as some packaging plastic sheet provisions have excellent sealing, compressive strength, bending stiffness, temperature resistance, heat sealing properties, with a raw material to consider this provision is no way to do. Therefore, the choice of double-layer composite, a variety of characteristics of the epoxy resin in a double-layer accumulation of the way to produce a composite plastic sheet. The processing of the composite type can be done by the method of lamination, the method of sizing, and the method of co-extrusion.

Rubber products double layer co-extruded polymer material core mold composite type method selected multiple engines, each extruder extrusion of raw materials each into the engine separate overflow channel, and finally in the engine entrance and exit periphery to produce composite type layer from the die nozzle extrusion. Since the head can set the throttle sequence from the supply and demand balance port to the die lip, it is possible to adjust the thickness of each layer, and it is suitable for extruding composite sheets with each layer having a high precision thickness and significantly different circulation of the raw material.

The in-die compound method has a short spacing between the separate paths of each layer, and the viscosity difference is less harmful to the precision of the thickness and thinness. In addition, when the composition of the epoxy resin with a great difference in the extrusion temperature, there is space in each cross-flow channel, so it can also be heat insulation and heat preservation, compared with the pre-die composite method. The composition range of different standard values is universal.