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Steel-plastic composite tape how to play a protective role


Steel-plastic composite tape how to play a protective role

News 2022年1月4日 94

The current new field of optical cable storage equipment, special protective carrier box steel-plastic composite tape, the suitcase includes a box body, cover body and composite tape, the inner wall of the box body is fixedly connected to the inflatable plastic tube, the two ends of the box body is fixedly connected to the cover body, and the outer side of the cover body is welded with ring protrusions, and the composite inflation of the tape, inside the plastic cylinder, the casing is welded with a suspension ring.

New composite tape storage and insulation protection, can also be transported by the casing, the current new fiber optic cable storage equipment field, special storage box steel-plastic composite tape, storage box includes a curved ring box plate and composite tape, the body of the ring box consists of a left semicircular plate and a right semicircular plate, the left semicircular plate is hingedly connected to the right semicircular plate, the coil of the composite tape is placed in the ring casing, the lower surface of the cover body is vertically welded to the application post, the cover body is positioned at the upper end of the ring casing body, can prevent the composite tape from being used during storage or transport.

Now the material of steel-plastic composite tape and winding rolls, which includes a strip transfer mechanism made of polyethylene material, characterized by the body of the strip on the main body of the strip, and it is set in the structure of the strip lattice parallel strip layer to the inner surface of the composite tape, as well as the outer surface is set in the main body of the strip, the strip can be formed at once by the composite extrusion molding process, which reduces the cost and molding difficulties, while introducing a composite strip wound by the strip, the composite strip is a double-layer flat-walled strip with better pressure both inside and outside.

Now double-sided tape reinforced surface steel-plastic composite tape, including the layer of the parent steel plate, in the above way, today’s reinforced double-sided tape steel-plastic composite tape can improve the strength of the substrate, it is resistant to bending, has good resistance to tearing and safe and reliable, steel-plastic composite material production process of fixed-length cutting method, the tape along the position radially outward feed into the cutting state of the tape wall until the radial movement after the cutting party stops.

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