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Characteristics of steel-plastic composite belt

Characteristics of steel-plastic comp

News 2021年8月3日 86

Steel-plastic composite belt is made of special micro high-strength galvanized iron wire, wrapped with anti-aging and acid and alkali resistant polyethylene resin composite, which is a comprehensive product of rigid and flexible materials, and its main stress element is steel wire, and the creep amount is very small. Steel-plastic composite tape has the following characteristics. 1. High tensile strength: The main force-bearing element of steel-plastic composite band is the …

What are the uses of steel-plastic composite tape in cables?

What are the uses of steel-plastic co

News 2021年6月1日 139

1、Definition and application Steel-plastic composite tape for cable is mainly used in the outer sheath of communication cable, and sheath material bonded together to form a comprehensive sheath, to protect the cable core from moisture erosion of the moisture barrier role, while the cable core has an armored role, resistance to external forces, for the laying of communication cables in a variety of applications, such as mechanical protection to ensure the stability and relia…

What is the composition of the difference between copper tape and copper-plastic composite tape

What is the composition of the differ

News 2021年5月7日 111

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the concept of consumption is also changing, people not only require radiators with heating function, but also require a certain degree of decorative, to make people pleasing to the eye. The appearance of copper-aluminum composite radiator is overwhelmingly based on powder spraying, the past radiator products in a single tone, poor decorative, easy to drop powder, and corrosion resistance can not me…

Steel-plastic composite tape how to prevent deformation of the in-mold composite method

Steel-plastic composite tape how to p

News 2021年5月7日 90

Nowadays, in the avoidance of deformation of steel and plastic composite type strip inhibition equipment and composite type strip manufacturing industry, with steel and plastic strip chemical substances to produce deformation, avoid the inclusion of support points bar within the broken hole equipment, motor fixed immovable installed in the upper end of the motor base, motor arc widening, avoid deformation of forming inhibition equipment steel and plastic pipe composite ty…

Stainless Cable Tray

Stainless Cable Tray

News 2021年4月27日 45

The aluminium Stainless cable support system is featured by simple structure,movel style,great loading capaciy,msmall weight ,corrosion resistance, long service Iife and covenient erection. resistance, long service life and covenient erection.It is alicable to normal environment.And its rominent anti-corrosion property will be shown more clearly when used in salty and foggy coastal areas highly-humid and corrosive environment.

Steel-plastic composite tape application practical effect how to fix immobility and installation

Steel-plastic composite tape applicat

News 2021年4月20日 50

The new type of steel composite type belt equipment is related to the steel polymer material in the field of marketing and sales technology, and is able to store the steel composite type belt that is used. When the steel composite tape is not available for sale, when the steel composite tape is stored, the actual effect of vibration damping equipment is completed, and the actual effect of caching is completed, and the steel composite tape is maintained, nowadays vertical rib…