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Jiangsu Chen Feng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the prosperous and rich Yangtze River Delta, and is situated in Yangzhong City, the ecological demonstration area of China, the water garden city and the hometown of puffer fish. It is adjacent to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway in the south, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway in the north, and Tai-Zhen Expressway in the middle connecting the north and south, via Yangzhong.

Jiangsu Chenfeng is a supplier of optical cable materials with national standard qualification. Its products are widely used in various communication optical cables, cables, submarine optical cables, optical fiber composite overhead ground, control cables, signal cables, rail cables and other various optical and cable products, and can also be applied to magnetic devices, hot and cold water pipes, flexible packaging and other fields.

Jiangsu Chenfeng has been designated to use in many orders of various telecom operators. Relying on its own excellent product quality and perfect service, it has established a good reputation among telecom operators such as China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Netcom and China Tietong. Meanwhile, we actively participate in international competition and have established many partners in the field of optical communication raw materials in the world, becoming an important supplier in the field of global communication and magnetic devices.

Jiangsu Chenfeng is one of the enterprises in China’s metal-plastic composite tape industry, with a large annual output, and is a trusted partner of global users!